The only thing inevitable is change....

I've never been comfortable with change. When I'm in a situation I like, I dig in like a tick. After 3 great years with Blue Moon Prairie, I find myself open to new possibilities again. The summer started off with a bang playing with the 

The Prado Project

Prado Project, and then the Radar Cows for the KRZA Benefest. David Hinske & Co., encouraged me to   s  l  o  w     d  o  w  n   some of my songs a bit, which led to a whole new sound. I'm liking the term "swampy". Gigging solo has given me the opportunity to play with new musicians, and I'm looking forward to a whole new cast of characters at Taos gigs. 

There is a solo CD (not rough cuts) on the horizon as well. Maybe this change thing is not so bad after all...

Stay swampy!

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